Why eBooks?
  • eBooks can be delivered to the customer (1) as a download from the Internet (2) as an attachment to an eMail (3) as an eBook on a CD. 
  • eBooks can be read directly on a SONY-Reader, Amazon Kindle, IPod (IPhone), desktop/laptop computer, even on your TV screen.  
  • Because they are in PDF Format you can zoom-in, underline, yellow-highlight, annotate and abstract from the book. 
  • The cost of producing an eBook is a fraction of what it costs to produce a paper book. 
  • The Library of Congress allows an ebook to have its copyright recorded electronically over the Internet at a lesser cost than using 'snail-mail.' 
  • When errors such as typos are discovered it is possible to correct them in minutes; in print editions the publisher must wait until a new press-run takes place. 
  • From conception to storage in a library no paper copy need exist.